• G R Matthews

City of Mist

It's a dirty town but someone's gotta live here. Just our luck that it is us... well, me and my new friends. Rain falls from the sky onto the lonely streets and the wail of sirens sounds in the distance. People, some with umbrellas and others holding a newspaper above their head to ward off the rain, bustle past; unknowing, uncaring, happy in their ignorance.

Each of us has a power, something has happened and we're no longer normal. Each of us has a "mythos" to live up to, to follow, and explore. In my case, Professor Guillemot can absorb one feature of an element, an object - be it density, colour or anything I can reasonably think of and convince the GM is plausible. The professor carries a nail and feather at all times... for mostly obvious reasons. One day, I'll get used to this power... if I survive long enough that is.

Worse still, a woman has died. Which is what happens when you fall (are pushed?) from the roof of a casino. Somehow this is related to our new powers, to our new lives... who killed her? Why? And why does my character talk like Boris Johnson after thirteen energy drinks (minus the casual snobbery and tendency to get caught on a zip wire while waving a flag)?

Last week as you recall, though you weren't there so you don't, the Professor was chatting to shady looking characters in the toilet (don't ask) of the casino from which the young lady had chucked herself (been thrown.... there's no way it was a suicide). We searched and found some clues, but in the process upset a fair number of security guards. On a bright note, we did manage to bribe a police officer with some whiskey... because that's what you do.

This week, the investigation continues. Making our way to the roof, me floating like a feather and carried by compatriot with the power of flight, we discovered evidence of the fatal push (told you!), though not who had done the actual pushing. Our list of suspects keeps growing.

Expanding our search and coming under fire from a sniper from the building opposite we discover more clues. Now though, there is something else. Something creepy. The lift is broken, but now operates with no one in it. A frightening face appears in the dark and disappears. An old man is willing to buy body parts - even if they're still attached to a living soul (and I wasn't selling)!

This RPG is set in a noir city and the investigation of a crime draws you into the world. And it plays like a movie... there are flashbacks (where you narrate the scene), montages (where, tonight, our German Scientist (complete with accent) carried out a CSI-like forensic investigation and narrated it). There are no Str or Dex statistics, instead you have character tags which you can add or subtract from rolls (all based upon your background) - if you can convince the GM that they fit the scenario and action. One day, we will find the link between the dead girl, the casino and a mysterious man known as The Emperor.

However, today will not be that day!


© 2013 by G R Matthews.