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Edits handed in... next?

The first thing to say is that I have handed in my first revisions for Seven Deaths of an Empire. After carefully reviewing the 9 page letter from my editor (Kate <-- so helpful and wise) and all the notes within the manuscript, after the phone call to discuss and clarify the vision, I set to work.

I expected the process to be painful, for each change to be drawn out slowly, with pliers, and cruel, scarred torturer (Glokta) standing over me, questioning; "Are you sure you want to say that?" "Are you positive that's the right word?" "Is that image the one you want?" "Is that your blood staining the carpet (tut tut)?"

It wasn't. Thankfully.

Actually, it was quite... pleasant. A strange thing to say, perhaps ("is that your blood...") but I found that I knew the book and characters quite well (I should, I suppose, I wrote it) and finding where I wanted to make changes wasn't a mad scramble through the manuscript. Reading it all through, making the changes, making it coherent, and tying up those threads, filling in those plot holes was satisfying.

And a lot of those changes weren't necessarily massive. Tweaks for the most part, or just extending a scene a little, or deleting a bit of scene and then following those new threads through. It all kind of worked, I hope. Even so, the book is now 5K longer than it was (160K) but I expect that to drop a little in the next round of edits.

At the end, when I sent it off to Kate (editor), I felt good. I know the book is better, more polished than it was, but I also know it isn't yet perfect. It will be. We've got time.

Next up;

I've seen the cover - the draft, almost complete one, and I LIKE it! Can't wait to get to the sharing stage. However, the book isn't due out till June 2021!

We've discussed quotes and blurbs - and that hits my inner introvert (you can never have an outer introvert, surely) and social awkwardness. How do you ask (beg, bribe) authors, all so much more accomplished, famous, and god-like to my mere ant-like existence, and all so busy, to read your scribbles and say some nice (but honest) things?

"G.R. Matthews has written a book?" - J R R Tolkien

"Who is G.R. Matthews?" - G R R Martin

"There are definitely words on the pages." - Brandon Sanderson

"I expected more..." - Marquis de Sade (I made those quotes up. Clearly. I mean, come on!)

Oh, and had some REALLY exciting news about Seven Deaths of an Empire, which isn't confirmed yet, only 'likely', so I can't share, except to say... Woohooo!!!!

And I suppose I should get on with writing the sequel again... 55K and counting.

However, I've got back in to Star Trek RPG, Lost Lands RPG, and planning an Adventures in Middle Earth Campaign - all on Roll20 due to social distancing.

Stay safe everyone!

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