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New book, new map

This book is near 90,000 words now. The two PoVs are working well, one is nearly complete and I'm bring the other up to the same place before the final section of the book gets written.

Alongside that, I've been developing the map of the world a little - adding details and tweaking. Having created the map which went into Seven Deaths of an Empire and the Six Kingdoms, I've decided to go a bit more detailed in this one. All names subject to change as I progress and build - Rome wasn't built in a day (even the last IKEA unit I bought took me two days to build, take apart, and re-build correctly - with two screws and a funny bracket thing left over).

This the current state of the map:

Interestingly thought, the majority of the story takes up just a little section of the map:

This little bit here. If there's a book two and three, the scope will widen out to encompass the rest of the world, I think.

On another note, I've started putting together a Free book and Price promotion of all my Self-published books ready for my milestone birthday in July - keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to the newsletter as I'll send details out in that as well as on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, smoke signals, semaphore, morse code, and shouted from the roof of my house.

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