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Star Trek Solo RPG: Mission log 1

First Officer’s Log:

Stardate: 57498.6

The USS Trinity has been assigned a patrol route within the Shackleton Expanse. It is our first time here and reports suggest the sector is ripe with new discoveries and cultures. Our mission parameters set out our main role is to monitor communication traffic along our route with several planetary systems to visit. There have been reports of some spatial phenomena in the Expanse which we must be aware of. It is uncertain whether they present an ongoing threat to navigation.

I must confess to some excitement, if that word honestly describes how I feel. The emotion chip and subroutines I have incorporated into my systems appears to be functioning appropriately though I have it operating on low power at all times. Once I become acclimatized and used to dealing with these feelings, I will slowly increase the power until I measure it similar to the levels experienced by other races.

We have picked up strange readings in the subspace band normally reserved for long range communications and set a course for the Woeti-Masog System. Early scans reveal the system’s sun to be of class K8II, a bright supergiant, with just two planets in orbit. It would be unusual, but not unheard of for planets orbiting far from their star to be inhabited yet it we will approach with caution as a database search shows no Federation survey has yet taken place.


Stardate 57498.6 is 1/7/2380 12.00

I am using Google Docs atm the for this but as I progress, even just into ACT 1, I might transfer into Scrivener so I can more easily keep track of events, people, places.

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