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All the books I've written...

Not much of a blog post, but I wanted to make a list of all the books I've written over the past 8 years or so. More for my own benefit than anyone else's, so feel free to walk on by!


P = Published

F = Finished and written

NP = Not Yet Published (the addition of "Yet" gives me hope) Forbidden List Trilogy

The Stone Road (P)

The Blue Mountain (P)

The Red Plains (P)

Short story: Outlaw Mountain (P)

Corin Hayes

Silent City (P)

Nothing is Ever Simple (P)

Three Times the Trouble (P)

Back in Blue (P)

Short Story: Standing Up (Act 1 of Book 5) (P)

Six Kingdoms

Vol I

Seven Deaths of an Empire (Solaris June 2021)

The Silencing of the North (Draft 2 with agent) (F NP)

The Towers of Flame (working title - journal only atm) (NP)

Vol II*

The Rivers of Song and Shadow (F NP)

Vol III*

A Good Day to Die (F NP)

*These books are written and completed, and I've a dream of three volumes (trilogies within the world of the Six Kingdoms - all with a central thread running through the ages), but I am not Tolkien and I've no idea what will happen going forward. Still, I can dream!

The Rift

Last Winter Sun (F NP)

Land of the Crystal God

An Age of Death (Working title, 3K written, journal notes) (NP)

In the background:

Standing Up (Corin Hayes #5) (16K)

You both eat the Garlic (a RomCom) (21K)

Short Stories:

There are some things on Wattpad.

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