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Corin Hayes

Corin Hayes Omnibus Cover
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Standing up short story Corin hayes

"(a) book that isn’t short on action or imagination and the setting is an interesting change of pace, so check it out!"

Mark Lawrence - Bestsellling author of Prince of Thorns, Prince of Fools, Red Sister

I’m no ninety pound weakling and, like every person of my age and older, I’d done my service time. He must have had a couple of stone on me, if not more. Another step back and I looked around for assistance. Helpfully, my fellow shoppers had created a boxing ring out of their bodies to prevent my escape. The shopkeepers stood in their doorways, watching the spectacle. None of them made a move towards a communicator or city panel. Store camera’s would catch the action from multiple angles and I’d bet this would be all over the clips later on. If I was lucky I might be able to see it through blackened eyes. Unlucky and I’d be seeing double or, even worse, not at all. I wasn’t sure my medical insurance could cover the cost.

The World of Corin Hayes

Corins world.png

There have been stories, there are always stories, of sailors who’d gone to the surface. Either their sub had developed a fault and they’d needed to take on air, even the poisoned air of the world above, or they’d followed the old myths about riches on the islands that peeked through the waves. In the stories, they all went mad or died some horrible death.

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