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After studying for a Diploma in Creative Writing, G R Matthews taught the subject at A Level and holds a BSc (Hons) in Geography. Currently working in education with a focus on Child Protection and Safeguarding, he finds time to write in the evenings between battles to get his children to go to bed and the desire to binge watch Eureka on Netflix. He has also studied (been hit a lot) the martial arts of Judo, Kung fu, Wing Chun, and Kickboxing - and is not particularly skilled in any of them (hence the being hit a lot).


A D&D enthusiast, G R Matthews prefers the rogue (stabby stabby... who me?) as it suits his imagination and allows him to hide from all the things that go (accidently) wrong during a dungeon crawl... (and no one can prove I set fire to that town... it was only a little fire, honest!). As a self-taught guitarist the best that can be said is that at least he doesn't sing along to the songs (all the time) and the few thousand (poor) people who've heard him play (and sing) are mostly fine (some, to be fair, are still in recovery, but we wish them well).


At night, he sits and dreams that Spielberg, Lucas, Keanu Reeves, someone, anyone, reads his books and thinks they'd make a great movie series (they would, that much is definitely true). With two children (where did they come from?), a wife (long suffering, caring, strong), G R Matthews is known for his self-deprecating sense of humour (true), his chiseled jawline (false), and his long career as a heart-throb film star (utterly false).


You can follow him on twitter @G_R_Matthews or visit his website at


You can follow him on twitter @G_R_Matthews or visit his website at

Represented by Jamie Cowen at the Ampersand Agency


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