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Corin Hayes RPG

This page and those below are in development.

Hopefully you've read the Corin Hayes books and have become intrigued by his world and think wouldn't it be a great RPG setting. Well, think no more... actually, continue to think... but be reassured that I am writing up the setting. You'll find on the pages which follow (click the pages from the menu above) enough background and ideas to create your own adventures in Corin's world beneath the waves.

I am basing my adventures off of the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games and there will be some reference to this as you progress through. With a little effort, I am sure you could adapt the rules to the system you prefer to play so I will try to make it as agnostic as I can while still helping me GM for my own group.

I suppose this also doubles as a little Encyclopedia of Corin's world which you might want to reference alongside the books. They should match quite well, but it certainly isn't exhaustive or complete. Also, it is worth remembering the GM truism - whatever makes the game better is what happens.

Corin Hayes Omnibus
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Standing Up - Short Story
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