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Isle of Bones

The Isle of Bones is the source of much of Albains precious gems and metals. For that reason it is generally considered to be a wealth island. For those who own and operate the mines and tunnels, this is true. For those who work in them, life can be a struggle; pay is poor and working conditions are hazardous.

The original inhabitants of the Isle were short of stature and strong of frame, mining was in their blood and they lived away from sight of the sun for much of the time in tunnels and homes built into the rock. In their own language they call themselves the People of the Bones, but others call them Dwarves.

A few still own a mine but many were put to work as indentured servants under the control of the Illsander Empire. Resentment, anger, and irritation became the dominant traits of these enslaved people, but since the Empire collapsed there has been a movement amongst them to reclaim their land, their heritage, and their wealth. Rebellions, strikes, theft, and murder are not unknown in the tunnels and those not of the Bones tread careful in the tunnels these days.

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