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Weapons and equipment

“When it comes to killing, humans have cornered the market. Then blown it up.” - Corin Hayes

Despite our retreat below the oceans, the decimation of the human race, and the struggle that brought us to the brink of extinction, plus the need to work together to survive, you’d think we would have moved beyond killing each other. No such luck. However, though most weapons are designed to kill without breaching the hull of Dome, Box, or Submarine they are, it is worth remembering, still deadly.

Carrying weapons around cities, or wearing conspicuous armour is generally frowned upon and is likely to result in Security showing up, in force, and being very unhappy about having to leave their hot drinks and donuts back at the station. If someone is heavily armed, they will draw the attention of the Navy - and no one wants that.

In the Domes most folks feel safe and wealthy enough to go about unarmed, secure in the knowledge that there are plenty of cameras and security guards around. In the Boxes however, you’ll find a lot of people carry some form of light weapon; a knife, a baton, length of chain.

“A bottle of beer will smash a skull from the outside just as easily as it does from the inside.” - Corin Hayes

For civilians, most ‘firearms’ rely on compressed air to drive the projectile through the air. Do not underestimate the damage these weapons can do. The Navy have access to more powerful, more accurate weapons, some of which use what can be best described as esoteric ammunition.

Each Corporation owns companies which specialise in munitions; some for the domestic, self-protection market, and some for the military. NOAH has many.

Shwarz Inc, “Sharp edge, sharper points,” are famous for their sharp and hard wearing knives.
Antique Arrows, “Straight to the heart,” are a company renowned for their love of weapons from a bygone age.
GSB Manufacturing, “Shoot with confidence,” make low end handguns which work reliably.
Shark Industries, “These weapons have bite,” mass produce handguns and rifles.
Brown & Gibbs, “When you need the best,” produce high end weapons for the discerning customer.

Alongside these big companies there are many smaller, bespoke manufacturers, and some who work on the fringes making weapons to individuals specifications- from these a customer might find some more advanced guns or armour which have made it somehow from Research and Development Lab, or Military experiment (some cyphers will fit this description).

Range; Immediate - Short (15m) - Long (30m) - Very Long (150m)


Light - 2
Unarmed (punch/kick)(I)
Knife (I)
Tonfa/Nightstick (I)
Extendable Baton (I)
Shock Gun (S)
Walking Stick/Club (I)
Hand Crossbow (S)

Medium - 4
Staff/Spear (I)
Sword (I)
Handgun (L)
Grenade (S) (L with launcher)
Speargun (S) (Work in water)

Heavy - 6
Assault Rifle (L)
Sniper Rifle (VL)


Light (+1 to speed cost)
Stab and bullet resistant vests
Padded jacket

Medium (+2 to speed cost)
Body armour made from plates (covers chest, arm, legs). Weak points are joints, head, and the wide gaps between the plates.

Heavy (+3 to speed cost)
Full armour inc helmet made from projective resistant plates and flexible joints.

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