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Do you know what they expected to happen? How they thought the world would end?
    Nuclear war.

How fucking stupid would you have to be to set off a weapon which will destroy the very world you live on? To destroy the only home you, we, humanity, have.

Surely, no one could be that stupid, and it turns out they were right. No one was ‘that’ stupid.

Instead, they used biological weapons and made the surface a place no one could visit. Well, not without contracting a fatal disease, becoming more contagious than a yawn, and dying with blood pouring out of every orifice, screaming your last breath to a landscape empty of compassion and people. Possibly watched by a dog who sees you not as his best friend, but his next meal.

Which only goes to show that people are a lot more stupid than you could ever imagine.

    - Corin Hayes

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