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It was a time of rampant wealth, rising life expectancy, wondrous science, and a total lack of foresight. As a people we had conquered the land, the skies, and expanded into space. The moon was in easy reach and mars was next, we could have it all.

And what we wanted was everything. Greed was everywhere, an honoured trait, an expectation of life, and we competed for every scrap of wealth we could. People, towns, cities, countries, continents and corporations all engaged in a desperate race to own a little more than everyone else.

To their total surprise it led to war. It wasn’t a surprise to the historians, the geographers, and anyone with a functioning brain cell. Sadly, all those brain cells were drunk on avarice, patriotism, nationalism, and whatever you call the desperate, cruel, and perverse obsession with corporations.

When war broke out, it didn’t last long. A few threats, a rattling of sabres, a promise of retaliation, and they unleashed their biological weapons on the world.

Populations crashed overnight. Cities emptied. Factories went abandoned. Roads stilled. Governments crumbled.
The corporations were ready, suspiciously so, some said. They had been exploiting the sea for years. Mines, factories, and outposts in the deep. Here was sanctuary they said. Here you could be safe. Here you can live and thrive.

And by the way, you work for us, you fight for us, and we might give you just enough to live, but we’ll claw it all back in rent, water rates, air rates and a thousand other ways.

Welcome to the brand new world.

What a fucking mess.

    - Corin Hayes

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