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Lands of Albain (DnD Setting)

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The Lands of Albain are fractured and separated by history as much as geography. Many of the various races of the world make their home in these lands, though civilisation would not be the first world that springs to mind when you describe these lands and people.

The main lands are of Wesland and Esland, which, many centuries ago, were part of the same Empire - The Illsander Empire. That ancient Empire split along religious lines and led to the decline of both as war enveloped lands.

The Realm of Wesland is ruled by an Archmage, Emlyn, while the Realm of Esland is ruled over by the ArchPriestess, Karalenda. Both appear to be very long-lived or indeed immortal, but have struck a fragile peace.

Trade between the towns of Wesland and Esland is regular, keeping the wealthy in coin and the poor in work.

Farland, to the far west, is an off-shoot of the Illsander Empire. Those who could not choose a side, or refused to, during the war set sail on ships and were forgotten about for centuries. They have only recently made contact again, in the last twenty years, and it is still strange to see the tattooed people on the streets of the civilised towns.

The Isle of Peace houses one small town, an experiment more than anything, to prove that the peoples of Wes and Es could live together in harmony. The town is built on two hills. On the top of one is the Temple to the Pantheon of Eslander Gods, and on the other is the Sanctuary of Magic.

South of the Isle of Peace is the Isle of Bones and the town Bonefall. It sits above an active volcano which exposes the bones of the world, and is renowned for its mines, metals and gems. Many would like to control Bonefall, but it is surrounded by steep cliffs with only two steep stairways, easily defended, leading up to the town. The goods and resources are carried up to the town by means of platforms, pulleys, and magic.

To the South-West are the Pirate Isles and named such because pirates are known to operate from them. However, it would be fairer to say that people here are some of the best sailors and strike hard-bargains as merchants. Some, obviously, stoop to piracy when times are tough and some make a living from it.

Past The Neck to the north are lands which are considered too dangerous to explore. Beasts roam those lands, creatures of nightmare, and though there may well be kingdoms, realms, and empires there, no one  in Wes or Es knows of them. Children are scared of tales, of myths and legends about the north where even storied heroes travel north and are lost to the forests, swamps and mountains.



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