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Farming, Food, and air

"I like to eat, I just don't like to look at it." - Corin Hayes

Hard to believe, but farming still exists below the waves. Up in the shallow waters, where the sun still shines, clever folks have set up large domes which grow the varieties of old world wheat, corn, and other crops. Further down, there are small factories using Sun lamps to grow crops, and some of those illicit greenery. Where there is money to be made, we find a way.

Some shallow domes are set aside for pastoral farming - pigs, cows, and sheep all living happily under the waves. Well, up to the point of slaughter.

All this "real" food is expensive. Really, really expensive.

Most people eat flavoured algae. Grown in big vats which have the dual purpose of filtering the air, keeping us all alive, the species of algae and phytoplankton are sieved, cleaned and converted into burgers, chips, pasta, and any other dish you can think of including, somewhat sacrilegiously coffee. These are flavoured products through whether the flavour is that which those who lived above the waves enjoyed is something we can never say.

The sea provides its own food. Seaweed is abundant now that we've actually started to care for the oceans and done something about climate change (dying in our millions and abandoning the surface were two major strategies no scientist or government ever foresaw). Fish, crab, lobster, and other creatures are a staple of many family’s diets and a source of income for those who farm the ocean's bounty.

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