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What do you look for in a hero?

(My answer on Showing my age: Raistlin and/or Garion. Raistlin for, as I suspect many people would say, his inherent weakness, his desire for power, his sacrifices and his pitying love for his brother. Though Sturm (from the same series) could also be picked here. Perhaps, in this modern age, we see Raistlin as an overdone character type but, when I was young and reading these books, he stuck out like a gold skinned, hour-glass eyed, red (then black) robed thumb. (Dragons of Winter... etc) Garion for the journey. I read those first when I was 14/15 - Garion's age through much of the first series. The innocence of youth, the wide world opening his eyes, the realisation that all you knew as a young man is not the way the world is, the faith in friends, the love of family (even though they are 1000's of years removed), and despite the power - the moral fortitude to do what is right. (The Belgariad) Now, some may say, what about modern characters - Jorg? Black Dow? Calder? Dresden? Royce and Hadrian? Silk? Rincewind? The Librarian? Zhou and Hsin? (Ok, they're mine and I am cheating) But all of those are other favourites of mine. I think it is the case, that those books and those characters kick-started my greedy devouring of books. But, what do I want in a hero? - someone who struggles, sacrifices, overcomes, and is morally (by their standards - and broadly mine) firm. The ultimate expression of this? Spider-man? :) (I haven't grown up and don't intend to start now!)

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