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Silent City

I had an idea, a long time ago. Way before I started Book 1 of Forbidden List, The Stone Road. I'd written about 15k, over two days, of the story. I'd brought it to an end. An end I wasn't happy with. I wasn't satisfied. And there is stayed. Forever in my mind. Time after time it came back - a tickle, a desire, a dream, a wish. And so, in between the external edit of Book 2, The Blue Mountain, and the final tidying up of that story, I went back to it. Played around with ideas in my head and those in my journal. I wrote it. And then edited, edited, thought, looked, and edited again. I sent the first bit out to a few folks - to gauge their opinion. They liked it. So, I finished it. I published it... well, on Thursday 16th April it will be out and free for the first 5 days. Silent City, a sci-fi novel. In the Corporation owned cities life is tough. All Hayes wants is money and a bar to spend it in. He is about to learn that some jobs in the abyss can be killers. For a man who has lost everything, is life even worth fighting for? It might be worth your time. If it is, I hope you enjoy it.

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