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r/fantasy Writer of the Day

This is the intro post to my r/fantasy Writer of the Day on Reddit. If you want to download the full transcipt you can do so here(pdf).

Otherwise, I intend to post up a question and an answer every day or so.

Hi, I’m G R Matthews and r/fantasy’s Writer of the Day… today. (Well, I was on August 5th, 2015)

Many years ago, more than I care to remember, I discovered, in a bookshop not far from the standing stones of Avebury, a love of Sci-fi and Fantasy. Books like the ‘Belgariad’ by Eddings, ‘The Time Master Trilogy’ by Cooper, and ‘Master of the Five Magics’ by Hardy, not to mention the ‘Chronicles of an Age of Darkness’ by Cook (and now you know how long ago that was).

In the end, and just a few years ago, after completing my Diploma in Creative Writing, I managed to release my own books into the wild. The Forbidden List trilogy begins with The Stone Road, which is followed by The Blue Mountain (not, Mark Lawrence, about coffee, but there are mentions of tea) and soon to be finished off with The Red Plains. The books are set in a version of Ancient China so there is plenty of magic, kung fu, and a culture that is different from the usual Medieval Europe.

I was lucky enough to have it reviewed by, the inimitable Sarah Chorn, who not only gave it 4 out 5* but also said, "This is very unique and incredibly brave." You can read the review on her blog and here

This year, I also released the beginning story in a Sci-Fi series – Silent City – which I hope to return to once ‘The Red Plains’ is out the door. Mention should also go to one of my short stories which you can find in Tim Marquitz’s book – Tales of Magic and Misery.

You can find much more of my writing, in the form of articles and reviews, on the wonderful website. I’ve managed to interview some great authors and folks involved with fantasy literature since I started, overcoming my natural English need to apologise for everything and overly complicating any social situation. There are also a couple of my articles on SF Signal, Special Needs in Special Worlds which I am quite proud of.

Outside of writing, I teach. Seventeen years, and counting, of educating 11 to 18 year olds in the mysteries of Geography and Creative Writing, developing lessons, schemes of work, looking after budgets, introducing new computer data systems (never again) and working in Child Protection. Oh, and if there is one thing I hate it is utterly pointless, long, drawn out, info-dumps.

If, after all that, you still have questions, and I really hope you don’t leave me shouting into the void, then ask away. I’m operating on UK time so I’ll answer them before I go to bed and when I wake up – those events may not sync with yours. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

If you want to hook up on social media then you can find me here: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. (Look on this page for those links)

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