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Question 8: Kareem

Now here is question 8. Kareem, a big fan of John Gwynne's work and why wouldn't you be, and a budding writer himself. However, you'll probably know him best from his incredible skill with a couple of drumsticks in the band Lock Up Laura. It is an interesting question!


I am very much looking forward to reading The Stone Road. As I have not yet started it, what can I expect? If you can sum up why I should read it in three sentences or less, and get 'Lorraine Kelly's knickers' in the description I will move it to the top of my 26 book high tbr pile. Cheers boss!


Hi Kazreemo,

Three sentences or less? Lorraine Kelly's knickers? Oh hell! I'm going to comma splice to get around this - cheating I know!

The Stone Road is far-east fantasy with a western edge, a story of fear, courage and cowardice, gain and loss, an intimate journey through a new setting. It won't hold your hand, it won't explain it all in one great dump, it will lead you, step by step through the culture and world - you'll discover as you travel the road wearing 'Lorraine Kelly's knickers' if you so choose - each to their own, live and let live is my motto. More than that, The Stone Road is bloody exciting adventure of double dealing, treachery, murder, love and revenge!

Thanks for the question (and the ability to answer in three sentences!) and good luck with your own writing!


Guess I'm reading The Stone Road next ;-) Thanks for answering!


Pleasure and I hope you enjoy it!


I'm not the person who asked the question, but I was expecting at least a couple of semicolons to be slipped in there to bend the rules.


I like the odd semi-colon, but tend to stay clear of them in case they get angry and turn into a full colon!

Then the only thing to do is run!

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