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NaNo Prep 4

It isn't magic, that doesn't exist. Never has, never will. A few of the nut-jobs from VKN, they believed in magic. Thought if they died a 'good death' they'd be rewarded. You know what? No such thing as a good death down here. The sub cracks, the walls implode and that's it. If the explosion doesn't get you, the implosion will. We have double or triple hulls, redundancies, and AI's that I wouldn't trust to clean the toilets. The Ineyes for those that can afford them must be nice - not sure I'd want a computer screen shoved into my eye though. The algae vats provide the oxygen, at a cost. Water is desalinated, at a cost. The companies build the cities, at a cost. Power is generated from tide turbines and other, less friendly, means, at a cost. You want to travel? Where to? Another city, same problems. But if you're determined, charter a sub or buy a ticket on a passenger one or work on a trade sub. Pick a route that takes you away from the conflict zone and you'll be fine... probably. You want something better? You keep believing in your magic, fairies and gods. If it makes you feel better that's great. Just keep it to yourself, because I don't care. I'll find my salvation at the bottom of a beer glass. One day I'll die. That's the best I can hope for.

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