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Creating the characters

One part of our discussions at BristolCon was a brief foray into the wonders of Heroforge. J P Ashman was extolling the virtues of the site and so, upon my return home, I thought why not!

First up; Corin Hayes from Silent City. Dressed in his Fish-Suit and ready to go and weld something... or do something slightly less legal.

Or how about Zhou from The Forbidden List?

Maybe you're a Haung fan?

Or Xiongmao, with her skill in every weapon?

It might be that the mysterious Liu is more your favourite?

Or the ever cheerful Gang?

Now if the site would paint them too!

Remember The Stone Road (Zhou, Haung, Gang, Liu and Xiongmao) and Silent City (Corin Hayes) are still free today (31st October). Look them up on Amazon and get them while they are hot.

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