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Thinking about the new book

Right about now I am edging towards the end of Draft 1 of Corin #3. By that I mean, I’m passed 70K of words and I know how the book ends… it just needs writing.

So now my brain is returning to the 60K I’ve written of the other book, the one with a brand new setting and new characters, new threats, new adventures. What I have to do, or at least start thinking about it how to describe it.

And that’s quite tough. Not because it is convoluted, complex or a brand new, never seen before genre… because it is not.

Well, OK, it is all of those three things! Go buy it now, you won’t be disappointed…

Except that it isn’t finished yet. Anyway, enough confusion… let’s give it a try:

A-Team meets World of Warcraft

This was my original description of the book to a few folks and it kind of stuck in my mind.

Now to try “properly”. This’ll separate the whosits from the whatsits.

The battle for London has been lost and civilisation clings to the coast. Monsters of myth, legend and nightmare rule the land.

There is money to be made in the land between the monsters and men.

Caleb, ex-soldier, ex-policeman, leads a small group of mercenaries trying to make a living, to survive. No job is too small or too dangerous. He remembers the world as it was.

Thorsson is an engineer. A skill that’s dying out in a land where magic has been reborn.

Wei is a scout, a sniper, a woman who values her privacy and silence.

Radley was born to this the new world and magic runs through his veins.

Life on the coast is hard and the towns are under threat. Caleb’s group are offered a mission and the chance to earn some much needed money. More than that, the chance to change the future of humankind. Maybe they should have turned it down.

Not perfect yet, but neither is the book. It will be. When I finish, redraft, edit, redraft, edit, edit, edit... etc

I just need to get back to it.

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