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Three Times The Trouble

It is done. Finished. Complete.

Well, the first draft is done and that is a major milestone in any book. It is rough, full of typos and sentences that squeal in agony if you read them too quick, but it is done.

Next up:

Editing… lots of it.

I’ve exported the text out of Scrivener – the first time I’ve used that particular piece of software to write – and into word.

The first pass of Word’s spellcheck is done – and I am always shocked, surprised and annoyed that it a) doesn’t have real words in its dictionary (some are scientific, I know), b) struggles to give me the right suggestion of a correction, and c) how many times I have to go to and Google the word just to make sure Word is giving the right advice (and sometimes, too often, it isn’t).

Now I’ve printed the book out ready for the proper read through, notes, mind-maps and spider-diagrams that will get scribbled on my whiteboard and throughout the manuscript. Once they’re done, it’ll be down to the second draft and probably ignoring a lot of everything I noted down and making other changes.

Then off to a few trusted beta-readers, a fantastic 'proofer' and we’ll see what comes back.

Let loose the red pen of editing!!!

By the way, you know you can read chapter 1 of Corin's first adventure by clicking the link on the right ---->>>

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