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Trying to set yourself FREE

So, here's the thing. A while ago I wrote a little short story (about 12K words) set in the same world as the Forbidden List - The Stone Road etc. It has two of the characters that appear in book 2 and 3 in it and acts as kind of a Book 1.5... somewhere between The Stone Road and The Blue Mountain.

What I wanted to do, because I am a kind generous fellow, is make it free to everyone.

Now, on Smashwords and therefore all those ePub sites it is easy. You set the price to 0.00 - done!

I've also linked it on BookFunnel which is a wonderful way to get the ePub and Kindle version into everyone's hands.

Click here for the Free version from BookFunnel

The more difficult thing to do is encourage Amazon to make it FREE - permanently. I could put it on KindleUnlimited, but that would mean no ePub versions for folks.

So, can you help? Great... thanks.

2. Scroll down and click here

3. It opens up this window.

4. Just copy and paste this into the URL:

5. Set the price to 0.00 in both of the windows and then click submit feedback.

I really appreciate it if you can help.

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