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Fantasy in the Court

Last night, having made the trek up (I took the train - 20 mins, not really much of a trek if I am honest) to London, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet, chat and drink with some incredible fantasy authors! I took a few photographs too...

Lucy Hounsom was, as always an absolute pleasure!

Her books are really worth reading and the new covers look fantastic!

If you've got some time, pick them up and read. You won't be disappointed! And look at those new covers!

John Gwynne is a real gentleman!

Humorous, friendly, knowledgeable and a damn fine writer. Here is with Alice who runs a wonderful blog at

No two ways about it, Anna is lovely. I first met her at BristolCon last year and she has really made a her mark on the Fantasy world. Her book is getting great reviews and it is one I going to make time and read (as soon as SPFBO is done). That's Laura M Hughes right there too... Danse Macabre is great!

Another Anna who is storming the fantasy world. Her book, Godblind, is picking up rave review after rave review! Not totally sure what Kareem is doing, but Mike looks happy enough.

Any man that has George R R Martin stories at his fingertips is some one to spend some time talking too.

Add the fact that he writes some of the most amazing books you'll read, then Sebastien De Castell is the person you want to speak to!

And to cap off the night/evening, even though this photo was taken at the start... I got to catch up with Kareem (who will finish his own book soon), with J P Ashman who writes some great, dark books, and me, with all those chins (I borrowed them for the evening, honest).

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