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(Secret) Agents?

Now this little blog has it genesis in two little events. First, 'Fantasy in the Court' which resulted in two articles for Fantasy-Faction the first being an account of my time at the event, which was great by the way, and from that an interview with Harry Illingworth, agent extraordinaire who represents the wonderful Anna Stephens, which was also great!

The second was a throwaway comment, that I kept hold of, by Graham Austin-King whilst at #BristolCon (just last week) - "Did you know there are only 20 fantasy agents in the UK?" he said -- or words like that.

It intrigued me... is that the total number of British Agents who specialise/accept in Sci-Fi and Fantasy?

So, with time on my hands, I did a little Google'ing just to find out. The list probably isn't complete and I'd welcome any updates/new agents to add to the list!


*This is an embedded Google sheet. For some reason it doesn't appear on phones via a direct link. Just click here to go back the blog page and then select the article again - it should work then. Failing that the list can be found here TWITTER LINK.


As you can see... I found 9 this afternoon, though I found other agencies that had no one specifically looking for SciFi/Fantasy and some that were closed to these categories.

I'll try to update this, if and when I find some more. *updated 1/11/2017

On another note, and very quickly... there is a book sale starting this week... keep an eye out for a bargain!

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