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6 months to go

With just Six Months to go before this book released, it is all getting a little real! I'm just waiting on the copy edits - due end of next week - for Seven Deaths and then all the ARCs can be made up and sent out.

Silencing of the North nears the end of Draft 2 - lost 1k of words so far, but I know I've got about 500 to add at the end! And I've got to work on the secondary stories - which, when you've read Seven Deaths, is a statement which will make a lot more sense!

And the Online Convention is only a few weeks away - on a panel about Grimdark Fantasy, and live-streaming a DnD game... should be terrifying! I am really looking forward to this!

The little promo here was created by me and my brother - who wrote the music for it and has written a longer 1min piece I'd love to go at the end of the Audiobook, maybe a snippet at the beginning) ( and Jennie Ivins (cut out artwork).

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