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Been a long time

Been a while since I updated this blog, so I thought I'd throw up a small post!

In personal news, I changed jobs. Started a new one in September and so much less stress than the old one! Lovely folks to work with which is a huge bonus!

On the writing front, I did start Book 3 of the Six Kingdoms! In fact, I wrote 60K of it and didn't like it so chucked it away (its saved on a hard drive). Started again and got to 30K - enjoyed it a lot more but it wasn't book 3 (if that makes sense - more a book 2.5 - its also on the hard drive).

I have re-planned and redone the synopsis of Book 3 and I think its a much better, much stronger book. Old characters return and there's a real wrapping up feeling to it - though, as you'll know, I've also written two other books in the Six Kingdoms which happen later on... so wrapping up is a relative term!

On a brighter note, I've started a brand new series which is tentatively titled "The Crystal God" but that might change.

Also been playing New World with friends. I really enjoy the game and I know there's a lot of folks out there who claim its dead already, and certainly you can't ignore all the bodged up patches which Amazon released.

I think it needs to settle down and also open up the PvP a lot more. You're either one of the big guilds or you're gated out of a lot; there are 3 factions, why not faction warfare over some resources or dungeons or some such? DAoC did it so well so perhaps I am spoiled.

On the RPG front, I GM an Adventures in Middle Earth Campaign and we're up to the 6th year (in game time). The shadows are spreading across Mirkwood and they've met some creatures which they're not quite ready to battle yet... though that took a little convincing :)

Anyway, that's it for now.

Oh, the paperback of Seven Deaths of an Empire is out in just over a month!

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