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Been a while...

I've been lax, lazy. Letting other take up my time. I've neglected the blog for a while. I shouldn't, and so here is a post! Firstly, I've been experimenting with Bookfunnel promotions - giving short stories away, knocking the price down on some books. At present, The Stone Road is just .99$/£ - and next month there'll be a promotion for the Corin Hayes Omnibus.

Speaking of Corin, I've given away a Short Story - Standing Up, which is actually the first act of the new book. Book 5, if you can believe that, and it will be something of a prequel. (Click on the cover, you can still get the short story). At present, and seemingly forever, I am working on this complicated novel - Seven Deaths of an Empire. My original idea was a cross, a juxtaposition, of two events; the death of Alexander, the rise of Nero. At least, they were the inspiration. The difficult job is turning that inspiration into a novel, and one that reads well, is exciting, has some emotional impact, and captures the interest of the reader. Anyway, that's where I am up to, and I'd best get back to it. I'll update the blog a little more often if I can!

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