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Collecting quotes

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The big difference between my self-published books and my first traditionally-published book is the number of reviews it has picked up in magazines and blogs. And I'd like to thank each and everyone for taking the time to read, the chance on a new book, and for writing up their thoughts - it really does mean a lot to me! And yes, I know this is quite a vanity post but releasing a book is terrifying and there's no way of know how well it will do for weeks and months... so, please, forgive me!

A quick trip to the Waterstones website provides these:

"The plot's surprising twists and turns will wow fantasy fans." -- Publishers Weekly

"Matthews delivers visceral descriptions of battle, the cut and thrust of gladius and pila, the shouldering of shields, the smell of blood and fear - and weaving through this, the delicate nets of magical constructs that can still snap, inflame or explode." -- The Fantasy Hive

"This is fantasy at its finest." -- Grimdark Magazine

"Refreshingly original" -- SFX Magazine

"Both bloody, and bloody well written." -- Fantasy-Faction

"Full of tension, intrigue, and action" -- Fantasy Book Nerd

And on Amazon it adds this one:

"Matthews has written an addictive page-turner full of magic and political intrigue" -- Adrian Selby, author of Brother Red

And having a quick peek on Goodreads, I can add:

"a book which gathers speed and past the half-way mark begins to thunder towards an exciting conclusion." -- Mark Lawrence, author of Prince of Thorns

Reviews I've found or been tagged into (and thank you!) - I've added the links to these so you can read the whole of the review (should you want to - go on, you know you do.):

"its mix of magic and military prowess creates an engagingly epic read." --

"It is full of death, ulterior motives, war, and betrayal." -- mindysbookjourney

"This is a story about politics, faith, betrayal and the loss of innocence" -

"Matthews delivers on the bigger picture stakes" -- British Fantasy Society

"its exciting at every turn with a wonderfully spun plot that keeps you guessing the entire time" -- Fanfiaddict

"A well crafted, epic, swords and sorcery story" -- mugfullofbooks

" It’s an astounding work of epic fantasy, a genius use of secondary creation with cinematic battle scenes." -- The Swordsmith

"Seven Deaths is not a book that is easily pigeon-holed or dismissed. It neatly brings together the diverse threads of story and character and puts them together in ways we cannot anticipate." -- FeministQuill

"It'll take one hell of a book to top this one in 2021."

"I'd definitely recommend this if you're looking for a well written, epic fantasy novel." --

"A cracking read that will burn the candle in the night. Matthews is worth reading" -- Aurealis Magazine (143)

If you know any others I've missed (that are good, obviously), point me in that direction!

And I can't stop including this little promo video because my talented brother, a recording engineer and musician, wrote the music for it!

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