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Dungeons and Dragons: Baldur's Gate

There was a deal on Steam recently (and on GOG to be fair) for the enhanced versions of Baldur's Gate I and II, Icewind Dale, and Planescape - so I bought them.

Clearly the deal is related to the release of the new film which I haven't seen yet, but so want to.

I own the originals but never finished them. I remember getting quite far in Baldur's Gate but never ever getting to the end and now, with the resolutions today, playing the original versions is a bit clunky.

In the past, I've always played a Ranger, my favourite class in 2e DnD, but this time I've plumped for a multi-class Mage/Thief with the all important SLEEP spell as my level 1 choice.

The game starts as it always does in CandleKeep meeting the locals and completing a few little training quests before it all goes to hell and you're on own on the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms.

That's me meeting up with the happy-go-lucky thief and archer extraordinaire Imoen. Between the two of us there is a world to explore and die in (multiple times). I know I'll go through a few changes of party before I hit my sweet spot of characters.

I employed a Monk for a while but he had the bad habit of dying first in every single battle we had. Every. Single. Time.

So, now I am in Naskhel Mines, and down four levels with characters that are still mostly level 1 and I've let the Monk go be replaced by a Wizard. I really need a Cleric, but who would I let go? Not Khalid or Jaheria, not Minsc and Boo, not Imoen, and not me... which leaves me with the Wizard - that one spot rotating around like a Superman getting changed in a hotel's revolving door.

Oh, and that SLEEP spell - the single greatest Level 1 spell that exists. Even against Kobolds, I need to use it. None of my characters have the HP to soak up damage - 1 hit can equal a kill!

Cast SLEEP, kill them all, hit Quicksave, and rest. Rinse (Minsc :) ) and repeat. But, I've almost finished Nashkel Mines - just that pesky last boss to defeat!

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