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Quotes from WiPs: #1 A Good Day to Die

If you've followed my Facebook feed, or twitter, even instagram, you'll have seen some of these go past. I had an idea just to keep them in one place and show them off.... so here they are; some of my favourite quotes from books I've yet to publish (or find an agent for - slippery devils that they are). First up, a book I really enjoyed writing!

A Good Day to Die

When you leave someone to die a long, slow, painful death, stick around to enjoy it. They didn’t and they’re going to regret it.

Left to die by his once-friends, Rawlins claws his way out of the marshes, revenge fuelling every step. Forced to reveal himself as a Fenlander, a second class citizen in Esadale, Rawlins’ life is grudgingly saved by the people he once abandoned.

In the city of Altarnun, Rawlins’ quest for vengeance begins. Unrecognisable as the Guild thug who used to rule these streets, and stalking those who think him dead and rotting in a fetid pool of water, he discovers his enemies have grown in power and prestige. With a rising tide of violence sweeping through Esdale, Rawlins uncovers a plot which may bring the Kingdom to the very brink of civil war.

The Fenfolk are in mortal danger and his revenge may be the only thing that can save them. Blood follows him throughout the cities of Esadale as he searches for the ultimate kill; Aethelhere, his mentor, friend, betrayer, and the new leader of the Guild.

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