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September update

September begins with being back at work after the long summer break. For me, that's a new job, a new place, and new folks to meet. Its going well - long may that continue!

On the writing front, I've just reached 25% on the first redraft of the new fantasy novel and in the reading think I've come up with the title.

Some books start with the title, as this one did but as I wrote I knew it wasn't the title that I wanted. It didn't fit the book, the tone, and the evolution of the story. Also, there's no guarantee that this title will be the final one, but it definitely fits a lot better.

It is worth noting, its really hard to come up with titles that don't evoke other books or that haven't been used before (there's not copyright on titles), and this one has gone through a number of iterations and titles:

Age of Death

Magician's War

War of the Magicians

War of the Crows

Crows War

A Harvest for the Crows

To name but a few... and it'll change again no doubt.

Even so, I am motoring on with the editing and rewriting.

I also started a Murder-mystery book and am around 20K into that. It's fun, its different, and that's always a good thing. Stretch yourself, set challenges, go outside your comfort zone. What happens with it is another matter... who knows.

On the Sequel to Seven Deaths of an Empire - its written, with my agent, and in the waiting phase. Crossed fingers, hope, and wine - the only things getting me through!

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