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Star Trek RPG: Solo Play

I took the plunge after seeing the advert and bought the solo play guide.

I've run a few Star Trek RPG sessions but getting a group together is always a bit difficult - and keeping it together can be tougher with the pressures of life. So, this seems like a good idea!

Anyway, I am going to give it a go and see what happens.

I created my character using the Lifepath system which is very reminiscent of the full RPG. I rolled the random tables and pretty much kept whatever it came up with.

Meet Lt Cmdr Interogo, First Officer of the USS Trinity, a Freedom Class Starship.

The rules and guide talk a lot about imagination and 'writing' your adventure. In essence, narrating to yourself. This seems, without having played a game yet, like writing a book - so I should be OK.

Interrogo was raised, if a Soong-type android can said to be raised, on peaceful world situated at the edge of Federation Space. The species who lived there, the VitaKid, were introspective and calm, focused upon their religious beliefs above all else. However, religion did not preclude science and Interrogo, a curio to most, spent much of his time learning in the academic temple; focusing on Cybernetics, experimenting on himself and in simulations.

When a Starfleet vessel arrived, Interrogo was allowed to join them onboard and learn of Starfleet's mission to explore the galaxy. Fascinated by their insatiable curiosity he applied and was accepted by Starfleet academy following the Command Track as he preferred to be in charge of his own destiny - knowing he had outlived generations already and would do into the future.

During his first assignment, his closest friend, another ensign, was killed in an ambush. Life's fragility, at least that of biological beings shocked him once again and Interrogo decided to practise more and more with phasers so that he could defend his compatriots and colleagues.

Rising through the ranks, on one mission he was part of a First Contact team and found understanding a new culture, just as he had when leaving the VitaKid world, to be an enthralling past time.

Now the Executive Officer onboard the USS Trinity, a ship tasked with a myriad of duties, he is finding his path in life.

Now, let's see what's out there!

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