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The journey begins...

What I'll try and do, in-between bouts of crippling procrastination, is keep this little blog updated with the progress on Seven Deaths of an Empire as it goes through the different stages of publication. It is still 13 months away from release but there is a lot to do in that time. These will probably be short posts, maybe with pictures or other news, but a little too long for twitter etc. Anyway, today's consists of me letting you know that my 13yr old son thinks that Encyclopedia Dad is the best resource for completing his school work (distance learning, lockdown), but that Teacher Dad is quite horrible and has higher standards of his work than he does. Fortnite and his friends call - and school work is secondary to his enjoyment of the day. Luckily, his school are quite reasonable in the amount of work they set - so there is a mercy there. My 10yr old daughter's work today was all about Rivers - which me, being a Geographer, was totally ready to help her with. Now she has ensconced herself with TikTok, YouTube, and other such enjoyable things, and totally forgotten where the Rhine, the Volga, the Amazon actually are. Ah well... I am trying to write (why am I here, writing this you ask? Procrastination, I answer) and listening to music - a random selection of songs I've ever liked on Spotify today - I'll include the playlist here... and you can cringe, wonder, vomit, or like, it is up to you.

Now, if you've quite recovered from that shock (and no doubt think less of me (if that is possible)), I'll let you know that I've seen a rough cover for Seven Deaths of an Empire which my agent (Jamie), my Editor (Kate), and my family all love! I find it hard to describe the sheer joy, excitement of seeing the cover (which is subject to change) and knowing, realising that the book will be real. It is a year away, and there is lots of work to do from now till then, but it is still a shock and I am still 'Dancing on the Ceiling' (and no, that song is not in the playlist!). Edits are due soon - and I am all at once looking forward to getting started, and fearing what they'll say. And reading this tweet thread from accomplished and successful author David Dalglish did little to keep me calm, even though it is informative, honest, and hopeful!

And I am still involving myself in giveaways of my other books to build up a newsletter base, and also to get folks to read my stuff - whet their appetite, if you will. The Stone Road is currently free on Bookfunnel and just requires a sign up to the newsletter (I send out one a month, if I remember to).

So, for now, that is it. Back to writing and that playlist! Stay safe and have fun!

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