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Finished Projects:

Seven Deaths of an Empire - Book 1

Silencing of the North - Book 2

On Submission

Ruins of an Empire (maybe title) - Book 3

Synopsis with agent

The Crystal God 1 (A Harvest for the Crows)

Currently writing

Crime Novel / Murder Mystery

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19,000 - Writing

RomCom - The Rules

With Agent

The Last Old Man - Fantasy

53,000 / 120,000

Sea of Vengeance

10,000 / 100,000

"The plot's surprising twists and turns will wow fantasy fans." -- Publishers Weekly

"Matthews delivers visceral descriptions of battle." -- The Fantasy Hive

"This is fantasy at its finest." -- Grimdark Magazine

"Refreshingly original" -- SFX Magazine 4/5

"Both bloody, and bloody well written." -- Fantasy-Faction 8/10

"Full of tension, intrigue, and action" -- Fantasy Book Nerd

"Matthews has written an addictive page-turner full of magic and political intrigue" -- Adrian Selby, author of Brother Red

"a book which gathers speed and past the half-way mark begins to thunder towards an exciting conclusion." -- Mark Lawrence, author of Prince of Thorns

"its exciting at every turn with a wonderfully spun plot that keeps you guessing the entire time" -- Fanfiaddict

"its mix of magic and military prowess creates an engagingly epic read." --

Seven Deaths of an Empire

 Coming June 22, 2021 from Rebellion / Solaris.


A new grimdark fantasy for fans of Anna Smith-Spark, GRR Martin and Mark Lawrence.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Empire.

General Bordan has a lifetime of duty and sacrifice behind him in the service of the Empire. But with rebellion brewing in the countryside, and assassins, thieves and politicians vying for power in the city, it is all Bordan can do to protect the heir to the throne.

Apprentice Magician Kyron is assigned to the late Emperor’s honour guard escorting his body on the long road back to the capital. Mistrusted and feared by his own people, even a magician’s power may fail when enemies emerge from the forests, for whoever is in control of the Emperor’s body, controls the succession.

Seven lives and seven deaths to seal the fate of the Empire.

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