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Free - surely not!

So, this week, I released Silent City and have had one positive review already - I call that dedication to the art of reading! I also decided to make it free from Thursday 16th to Monday 21st April. Why free? Why not ask people to buy it so I can make some of the production costs back? Free because, even with three full length novels out, I am still new and unheard of. I want people to read the book, to enjoy the book and, hopefully, be motivated enough to leave a nice review on amazon/goodreads (both is nice). Free because, selling a new world, a new character, a new setting is a tough sell. Free because, word of mouth and recommendations sell. That is, I hope folks will tell other folks and more people will get the book and enjoy it. Free because, if you're reading this now, you can take a chance and get it. I'd be really happy to know what you think.

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