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Tallying up the #SPFBO - Bookworm Blues

With Round 5 now published by the tireless, though I am sure she would disagree with me, Sarah Chorn over at, I thought, in my own humble way, to have a look at the scores on the doors.

Just for my own peace of mind, you understand.

I have book in the race... though in the first round it went up against some incredible competition.

Everyone of the stories below gained 4 out of 5 stars and praise from Sarah... that's 9 books out of 25.

9 Self-published books given the Bookwormblues treatment - reviewed and measured against Traditionally Published books - which came as good, or better, than Traditionally published.

The Stone Road by G R Matthews --Most unique world

The Unbound Man by Matt Karlov -- Most Intricate (R1)

The Shard by Ted Cross -- Easiest to Effortlessly Enjoy

This Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs -- Most passion

Bloodrush by Ben Galley -- Most Captivating (R2)

Whispers of War by Sean Rodden -- Most Epic scope

Children of the Fallen by Eve Peters -- Most unique protagonist (R4)

Black Cross by Jonathan Ashman -- Most Complex (R5)

Construct by Luke Matthews -- Most Unique

Next to each Round winner is the number... the winner of Round 3 recieved 3 out of 5 stars.

Whomever goes on to win will take with them a great degree of pride, but more than that, everyone who entered should take pride in their work. Those who got good reviews will be using them, no doubt, in their marketing (I know I do) and have therefore won something already!

We wait to see how it will all end...

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