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Match the music to the book

While procrastinating and generally not getting on with writing this book (start a new series is always hard) a thought struck me. It wasn’t a hard hit. I mean, it didn’t knock me senseless, but then my family would contend they wouldn’t be able to tell anyway. However, it did get me thinking and putting digit to keyboard, hence this rambling post… sorry.

Anyway, the thought; what song best encapsulates the latest book you’ve read or are writing. And this will probably give away my music tastes more than anything else, but here goes… and if nothing else you get a chance to listen to some ‘good music’.

Silent City > Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. It just has that 'Corin' vibe in the tempo and melody, the resignation and acceptance.

The Stone Road > Changes, David Bowie. More than anything because the title is really the central theme of the book and series. I know I could have had Kung-Fu fighting, but that was just too easy/cheesy and doesn't really fit... past the obvious of course.

Prince of Thorns, Mark Lawrence > It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, REM. The refrain is Jorg – “It’s the End of The World as we know it, and I feel fine.”

Control Point, Myke Cole > Eve of Destruction, Barry McGuire. If you’ve read these great books, you’ll know all about the portals, the creatures that come through and the war that develops.

Girl With All The Gifts, M C Carey > Behind Blue Eyes, The Who. You’ve read the book and are about to see the film. Just listen to that first verse and chorus… it fits, it goes.

Now, you might disagree and that’s fine. Feel free to join me over on Facebook and Twitter and tell me what song you’d match to a book.

Oh, and for a few days you can pick up the two books mentioned above for absolutely nothing... Free!

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