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When I got the message asking me to donate a book to raise money for charity, I jumped at it. I wasn’t convinced that having my book amongst the other, more famous authors would make a big difference, but that didn’t matter. If it makes a small difference, I’ll be happy.

“One man can make a difference”

The charity, Médecins Sans Frontières (, works in over 60 countries around the world providing medical care for those who need it the most. The world they operate in could not be more different than my own.

Here I sit on comfy sofa, placing words upon a page in what I hope is a pleasing manner. The heating is on, the television is background noise and food is easily available.

For Nurse or Doctor working in Syria? Actually, I can’t even begin to describe what conditions are like for them. Not and do it justice. Food? Hard to come by. Heating? Sporadic, I’d guess. Background noise? The sound of warplanes and bombs.

And yet, the doctors and nurses go into those places. They live there and treat the people that need treating. That’s real bravery, real caring and yet they thank us – look at these emails Petros Triantafylloy (Booknest.Eu and the driving force behind the campaign) received from MSF.

We are so grateful that you are organizing the Booknest’s Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières. It sounds a really interesting project between readers and writers, with 100 authors pledging a signed copy of their work which can be won from New Year’s Day onwards.

It is individuals like you that ensure we can continue to provide emergency medical aid where it is needed most. Your hard work and effort shows solidarity with those we care for all over the world.

Kind regards, Judie Hill

I have worked with MSF on four missions and have seen first-hand the impact donations have on the ground. Quite simply – your fundraising saves lives. Your help allows our projects to exist, and I am proud of the fact that the majority of MSF’s work is possible because of individual donations from people like you and me. Thank you for caring.

Andy Dennis, MSF nurse

I think maybe it is we who should be thanking them.

So, take a moment, check out the website and make a donation. You could win a package of 20 books, all signed and dedicated, by such authors as Mark Lawrence, Miles Cameron, Emma Newman, Steve McHugh, Michael J Sullivan, Jen Williams and me too.

It doesn’t take long, but it will make a big difference.

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