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Tough Travelling - Non-human heroes

There are so many non-human characters out there in fantasy land that is quite difficult to pick just five, but nevertheless here you go.

1. Fizzban - Dragonlance - Weis and Hickman

The absent minded mage who loves to throw a Fireball or two. His character, in the first of the series, brings some light relief to books and also acts as a foil, a mirror, to Raistlin; a kind of, this is what you could be if only you chose a different path. There are real moments of joy and pathos with this character. Of course, Fizzban has a deadly serious side too.

2. Tasslehoff - Dragonlance - Weis and Hickman

Now, I know there are folks out there who dislike this character, but Tas plays an important role in the series. He is the child, the innocent thrust into a world where good is failing and evil is rising. We see through his eyes and feel through his heart. Boundless optimism is tempered by experience by the end. We watch him grow up and learn the harsh lessons of life.

3. Tarod - Time Master Trilogy - Louise Cooper

Tarod is not all he seems and even he does know it. A loner in a magic school who must deal with the harsh realities of the world. In a battle between the Gods of Order and Chaos, Tarod must find his own place, make his own decisions and few will be pleased with the outcome.

4. Bob - The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

The floating skull of knowledge. Magical google with a sarcastic twist. Bob fulfills the place of the wise one, the giver of knowledge, the apprentice and assistant all in one. Mix in a temple guard dog and the Dresden Files is full of non-human characters.

5. Ce’Nedra - Belgariad - David Eddings

Flame of hair and temper, Ce’Nedra is the spoiled and petulant princess who is caught up in world changing events. A Dryad, she has connections with world beyond the mundane and serves as an opposite to plain, simple, uncomplicated Garion.

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