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Let the 0.99 Sale Commence! Asian Fantasy for all tastes!

Today marks the beginning of the 0.99$/£ book sale!

You want to get your hands some excellent kindle books that are a little different, that are focused around Asian Culture, Worlds, Martial Arts, even food!

Of course you do. You're brave, adventurous and just a little tired of reading fantasy set in medieval Europe and want something different. Take a chance, pick a book (preferably mine) and give it a read! At 0.99 there really isn't anything to lose!

I'm hoping you'll give my book The Stone Road a chance!

Everyone knows a family who lost a son to the war. It has to end. But on both sides of the conflict, there are those who value revenge more highly than peace.

Fantasy-Faction Book Club - Book of the Month, June 2016 "G.R. Matthews has taken two of the best things ever created: fantasy novels & Kung Fu movies, thrown them together into a blender and left us with something wonderful." Marc Aplin ( 4/5 Stars From "The Stone Road is an interesting personal journey, as well as a rather surprising political one... Matthews does a great job really delving into the psychology of his characters. He keeps the cast small enough for them to be memorable and intimate, yet large enough to allow readers to really explore this world he’s created, as well as the intricacies of it. There are a lot of surprising twists and turns."

And if you fancy some SciFi set in an Asian Culture then my latest Corin Hayes book Three Times The Trouble has that setting. Best of all you don't need to have the books in order, each one is a self-contained story.

Even when Corin does something right, it all goes wrong. Now he is on the run from criminal gangs and the law. With danger coming from every direction, can he save the lives of two children as well as his own? It isn't going to be easy, but when has life in the corporation controlled cities ever been. Silent City (Corin Hayes, Book #1): "(A) book that isn't short on action or imagination and the setting is an interesting change of pace, so check it out!" - Mark Lawrence (Author of Prince of Thorns, Prince of Fools) "Entertaining and exciting: Silent City is the start of a series I'll certainly be following with interest." - Laura M Hughes (Author of Danse Macabre) "Damn good fun, intriguing as hell, different and exciting, I devoured this book." - Dyrk Ashton (Author of Paternus)

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