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Playing with Covers

So, first of all, as you'll know, I've got an Omnibus edition of the first three Corin Hayes books coming out on March 26th. You can preorder now, and I really hope you will.

Anyway, marketing and I are strange bedfellows - not that I've climbed into bed with anyone from marketing because I haven't... ever. Just to be clear.

What I mean is, I am generally not very good at it... marketing. Sheesh, this is harder than I thought. As other Self-Pub authors, whether successful or not, will happily tell you, most of what we do seems to be shouting into the void or talking to the same people again and again... and again (and they are lovely people - I appreciate every single one of you. Probably more than you know).

However, I'd seen a few folks put up some animated covers and they looked great. I wanted to do my own - after all, in self-pub that's generally what you are doing.

Anyway, once I'd done one... I couldn't stop.

If you feel like making a purchase and helping out a poor ol' man in his writing career... click on the covers and it should take you to the right page. And my thanks if you do - I really appreciate it! And I'd love to know what you think of the covers! The Stone Road begins the Forbidden List series (which is a complete trilogy) and I'm told they get better and better as they go. You'll shed a tear at the end of the book 3... I did, and I wrote it!

Outlaw Mountain should be free still on Amazon and Barnes and Noble - a nice short story to read! It serves, I think as a good intro the world of the Forbidden List.

I really like writing ACE - the chance to view the Battle of Britain in a 'slightly' different way was born from Sunday afternoons sat on the sofa with my Dad watching War movies and Westerns. I like to think he'd like this story - but he hasn't got a Kindle!

Quite cool, aren't they?

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