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ROLL20 - Lost Lands #1

Tonight is (was, if you're reading this later) Roll20 Dungeons and Dragons. We've on ongoing campaign set in the Lost Lands and are slowly, every so slowly, making our way through a lost city.

Last time out, our Barbarian rushed down a darkened corridor and returned to us with one hand less than he had begun the adventure with! Yet, tonight, the barbarian is here again - sans hand and still battering things to death.

I play a Monk, Yu Xia, who uses a Spear and deadly unarmed strikes. Spending Ki is a great game mechanic and I choose the Temple of Elemental Attunement. This means I have, for the price of 2 Ki, the ability to cast "Burning Hands".

Anyway, tonight, in the company of a Paladin, Barbarian, Sorcerer and a fighting Dwarf (who is on his first adventure (and a deadly one at that)) we've braved a passage we've not braved before. We seem to have disturbed a band of Kobolds, including a spell casting one (flipping thing would have killed me... if he had hit!), and have been battling our way through to... well... what we don't yet know!

At last, after killing many Kobolds (17 or so) with high kicks, stabbing fingers, spear, sword and setting fire to a few, we have downed the band!

Roll20 is a useful system to run these types of adventures and our fine DM keeps us all organised. The light source brings a lot of confusion to the battlefield, especially as our Sorcerer decided I would be the light source. Match it with Discord for ease of communication outside the game, and the ability to drop into an adventure is wonderful!

This Lost City holds a lot of dangers and already, over the course of the adventure, we've lost our Rogue - mostly his own fault, if we're being honest.

Yu Xia is a devout fellow, wearing no armour, and holds only 10gp at the most - all other loot goes to building of his own temple. However, it would be a mistake to underestimate him... onwards we go!

We hope...


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