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BristolCon 2023

BristolCon was amazing this year. There I said it, and it's true!

Firstly, I got to be Guest of Honour alongside multi-award winner Ida Keogh. This meant the day was crowded with activities, panels and interviews -- you'll find some YouTube clips below to some kep points.

Secondly, I love meeting up with friends here because the whole Con is just so friendly. It has been since I first went many years ago and remains so every single year. I could mention a thousand and still not cover everyone - so accept that I love you all!!

Thirdly, and strangely for me, I was told by friends that some Con goers were nervous to speak to me... me?!? The reason goven that I'm a gamous author (I am decidely not famous at all... I'm the bottom of the game barrel famous). Admittedly, those self same friends pointed out that I am amd remain no matter what exactly the same awkward idiot I've always been - so that could also be the reason!

I do have to thank Adrian Selby for conducting the interview -- it was so much fun amd you'll discover I also love Geography. Meg and Bav for being so organised, lovely, funny, and brilliant. Steve McHugh, Emily Inkpen, Jon, Rosa, Cassie and Ida for singing. And so so many others.

I'll be back next year without a doubt!

Guest of Honour interview

Politics in Fantasy Panel

Reading for Seven Deaths of an Empire

⁹As a little bonus - Barbie Girl

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