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Filling a weekend

Tier 3 is not lockdown - well, it is in all but name (and some other rules that make very little coherent sense), so instead of going out, how do you fill a weekend?

For me, it is thus:

Friday evening:

Watch Star Trek Discovery - this series is so good. They are living up to the name of the ship, exploring the future, the new Federation (the remnants) and all the planets. There is a sense of wonder to this series, it is not as dark as Series 2 or 1, and it carries a sense of hope which Burnham drives forward in the face of much pessimism. Add to that the clever writing; building on the history of a character with the introduction of a new one - it has caused me to shed a tear once or twice.

Watch Mandalorian - Star Wars has always been a good universe to play within and it suits the series format. The development of a main enemy has been a great addition and the two characters from "old" Star Wars which have been introduced are not just fan service but do move the story forward... from planet to planet. And this last episode's cliff-hanger -- what now?


Every Saturday is a game of the "The One Ring" in the morning. However, to confuse you suitably, this morning's game will be the Star Wars RPG. It isn't a system I have played before, but I am looking forward to living a little in that universe (at least in my imagination).

While I wait, I'm typing this, and watching a Youtube play - Much Ado About Mean Girls - which was recommended to me by a kind person at the day job (I feel I should put "day job" in speech marks but I've no idea why).

This is the danger of working in education and talking about Shakespeare with an English teacher (though it was not that teacher who recommended this play to me). Now, I love the film "Mean Girls" and think it is very cleverly written and observed. This Youtube and Zoom delivered play takes the story and transforms it with Shakespearean phrases mixed with modern slang - it is possible to believe that Shakespeare may well have written Mean Girls like this had he lived until now (which would have been an amazing miracle!)

I now recommend it to you. (The actual play starts a little way in - you can skip forward).

Today, well this afternoon, after a walk up the road to purchase some important liquid refreshment (wine), I'll watch the Qualifying for the Grand Prix. Russell has done amazingly during practice and I so hope he does as well in Qualifying and Race proper. Hamilton is incredible, but this should spice up the weekend a little.

And I'm going to watch Contagion also. I know. I know. In these times, why would anyone watch a film about a pandemic. Well, it has been recommended, and like book recommendations you just have to follow them up. (If I end up a gibbering wreck, scared to go out, I know who to blame!).


A day of rest and relaxation. Supposedly.

Of course, there is the Grand Prix to watch and I am so hoping for a good race and no crashes like last weekend. That was a horror show and I am so thankful that Grosjean walked out it alive and I wish him a speedy recovery!

Apart from that, it will be editing Silencing of the North to get it ready to send to my agent for opinion, tweaks and ideas. I am also waiting on the copy-edits for Seven Deaths of an Empire which are done and on their way - am I looking forward to them, a little. Am I scared, a little also.

That's about it.

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