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Signing the Seven Deaths of an Empire

Seven, an appropriate number, of boxes arrived on my doorstep last week. Inside them were 50 hardback copies of Seven Deaths of an Empire - all for signing and delivering to The Broken Binding bookshop so that lucky customers can purchase a signed copy.

Well, after a busy week of work, I finally unpacked them all and got to signing.

Now, here's the thing - I know my name. I should do, I chose it (to a degree), and I've been signing it for a long time on letters, forms, contracts, and the like. My author signature is a little different (an added R for my middle name) but nothing that should be beyond the skill of a middle-aged man like me!

Yet, somehow, each time I was ready to put pen to page and sign, I would have a momentary panic that I would actually forget my name! My brother, ever supportive, says that this won't matter as no one can read my handwriting anyway - not far from the truth.

Even so, against all the odds, I managed to sign those fifty copies without an error or too much of a panic. Yet, I shouldn't panic at all... I am just signing my name, on my debut book, in hardback, to be sold to customers, who'll read and review/talk about it... no reason to panic at all... honest.

Anywhere, here are a few pics to commemorate the first time I've signed Seven Deaths of an Empire! Should you be moved to pick up one of these signed copies you can click here!

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