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Star Wars RPG

So, last week as you recall, our intrepid rebels had taken the Millennium Sparrow (African, Unladen) to a remote base built inside an asteroid.

Admittedly, the flight wasn't smooth and the insurance claim details the problems we ran across:

"We flying casual through the asteroid field, doing well under the speed limit, when two tie-fighters raced up behind us, going way too fast for the amount of obstacles. A short disagreement ensued where upon they fired blaster bolts at us leading to some light scorching and charring along the hull. We were forced to fight back, and the Tie-Fighter, boy-racers, fled the scene (they were destroyed - they can claim on their own insurance for the damage). Sadly, in the act of defending ourselves and asteroid leaped out in front of me, from nowhere, and the ship now has a small dent running the entire length of the hull. We're sure it will just buff out with a little polish and elbow grease."

Having handed the orders across the base commander, learned of a traitor, and having had the Sparrow stolen, we now find ourselves under attack from Stormtroopers. All in all, a normal day in the Rebel Alliance. Can we hold the base? Can we buy time for the rebels and commander to escape? Can we find a bar because I really need a drink? Will the plans for the new starfighters make it out of the base? A lot depends on how we roll these dice... I mean, throw the grenades and shoot our blaster pistols. What could go wrong? Answers on a postcard (or email) to the usual address. The initial stun grenade stunned no one by missing its target completely and exploding harmlessly against the wall. Now, we'll bunker down and try to pick off these Stormtroopers as they emerge from the hangar bay.

Standard rebel procedure. Always works...

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