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Question 7: Megan O'Keefe

Question 7 was posed by the author of the soon to be released (January 2016) Steal the Sky, Megan O'Keefe.

Michael J Sullivan pops up at the end with a thank you. You must have read his books! If you haven't, finish mine, then read his.

[–] MeganOKeefe

Hi G.R.! In your capacity as an interviewer, are there any interviews you've done that particularly stand out? Any awesome/unexpected moments or responses?

[–] G_R_Matthews

Hi Megan,

That is really tough question to answer. When I started writing for Fantasy-Faction and getting more involved in the fantasy world I wasn't fully expecting the level of engagement.

What other aspect of the arts or 'celebrity' life do you get such access and response from those you admire and respect? The friendliness and helpfulness of authors and others is incredible.

One of the first articles I wrote was about stories and why we needed them. A great idea, I thought, would be to ask some authors and a blogger of inestimable regard for their thoughts. How cheeky was I? Two articles done, no one knew me (they still don't :) ) and I was asking Mark Lawrence, Michael J Sullivan and Sarah Chorn for their thoughts. I fully expected, once I had sent the emails and had a chance to think about it, to recieve a polite 'no' or a less polite 'sod off'. I had the Fantasy-faction name behind me, so I had some 'kudos' to call on.

All three responded amazingly quickly and with some fantastic ideas and thoughts. It remains one of my favourite articles.

I'll also say that the SRFC (Super-Relaxed Fantasy Club) crew - Jen Williams, Den Patrick and Juliet Mushens were a joy to talk to (once I overcame my English reticence and introversion). I think their responses made that article much better than just my own dry thoughts.

I don't suppose I can quite convey the shock of finding authors, professional writers of renown, to be so willing to talk and engage in conversation with an awkward Englishman.

You'll have seen the article on Fantasy-Faction today, the interview with Tim Marquitz? I did so little for this - I just posed the questions. His answers, I think, are so honest, they are so 'him' - his character is clear in everything he says. It was a total joy!

I'm still learning how to interview authors... it is a lot different from interviewing people for a job, or pupils over some transgression or teasing out the problems they have with subjects (or in life - some of those interviews have been harrowing).

[–]MichaelJSullivan/r/Fantasy Best of 2013 Winner (+AMA Author & Worldbuilders)

I remember that post! It was a great one - thanks for doing it.


Still think I should be thanking you way more than you should be thanking me... and it was a total pleasure!

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