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NaNo - Prep 1

To wake up every day and remember that your child was murdered and your wife is gone. To know that you killed your workmates, your friends, even if the courts found you innocent. To drink every night, just to forget, in the sure and certain knowledge that, come the morning, it will all come flooding back. Of course you don’t. Why should you? I have nothing, no one and no future. Hell, the world has no future. The topside is gone, the oceans are our home and even they hate our very presence. A moment of weakness and the sea will kill you; crush you into a bloody pulp, food for the sharks and scavengers of the ocean floor. And I make my living out there, in the oceans, scrabbling for jobs off the boards, hoping that everyone has forgotten my name. A month ago, a city fell on me and a woman tried to kill me. And that’s things looking better.

****This should be the follow up to my Sci-Fi novel - Silent City****

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