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NaNo Prep 2

The topside, the world above the waves? I've seen maps. Some of the old paper ones in the museums, hidden behind the glass, out of reach. All that land, all that space, all that sky. My world is surrounded by four walls. Thick, waterproof, pressure resistant walls. And the constant hum of machinery. On those nights when sleep is hard to find, that hum can be a constant companion or constant irritant. The cities, the only place where we exist. I think 'live' is too grand a word, it creates an illusion of happiness, of a future. If you're rich, city life is manageable, you can fool yourself, and others, that you were born to it. If you're poor, you just survive. Me? I choose military service, or it chose me. War was ending, I needed to earn some money, and the draft was still in force. Found I could use the suits and not many could or can. The war's are still going on, don't kid yourself they're not. But they are fought with laws, resources and little betrayals.

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